The Australian Medical Acupuncture College Course Part 1

Cost: $9,625.00


Registration for this course is now open;

Please down load and return the registration form, the consent to needling form and the Hepatitis B Form to complete your registration.

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The Australian Medical Acupuncture College Course has an integrated system of teaching that incorporates hands-on clinical sessions into a structured course of face-to-face workshops, online lectures and mentorship. The content combines up-to-date knowledge of evidence-based medicine and neurophysiology with Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts. The course aims to teach both the art and the science of practising medical acupuncture within a modern medical framework. The highest scientific evidence (level 1) for acupuncture is now well established for a variety of common medical, pain and musculoskeletal conditions.

The AMAC Course training program is designed for qualified and registered medical and dental clinicians who wish to include acupuncture as a treatment modality in their clinical work.

Pre-requisite requirements:

  1. completion of medical course (MBBS, MBCHB, MD) and FRACGP/FARGP/FACRRM or completion of undergraduate dental course or postgraduate dental course (BDSC).
    2. currently actively practicing chosen medical / dental specialty.
    3. current medical/ dental registration with AHPRA.


The duration of the program is designed for graduates to acquire the theoretical learning and supervised clinical practice to perform independently and safely as medical acupuncturists.

The topics include neurophysiology of pain and of acupuncture stimulation, Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts, meridians and points, microsystems, acupuncture diagnostics and formulation of acupuncture treatments, practical skills of acupuncture techniques, including needle and laser acupuncture.

The Course runs from February to end of October and consists of a number of modules in the form of two compulsory weekend workshops, webinars and mentorship. The Course should ideally be completed in one year but it can be taken over two years.

Course hours: 270 hours over 1 year or 2 years
• Formal lectures and Webinars – 60 hours (structured learning)
• Self-directed learning, assignments and case studies – 180 hours (15 hours/month)
• Mentorship – 30 hours

Two compulsory weekends can be attended at any state as bellow. The dates are:

1st weekend: 2-3 March in VIC and QLD, 9-10 March in NSW, WA and SA (if 3 or more students)

2nd weekend: 8-9 June in VIC and QLD, 15-16 June in NSW, WA and SA (if 3 or more Students) (optional for dentists)

Mentorship implies attendance of acupuncture practical sessions at the mentor’s clinic.

Please note that any traveling will be at your expense and is not included in the registration fee.

Graduate Outcomes 


The Topics / Modules 


AMAC Course Part 1 examination 




If you have any pre-enrolment enquiries please contact Lisa Williams.

Ph: 0428 850 771     F: 07 5596 3576