It is something of a paradox that a medical discipline which has its basis in a medical tradition that is 3,000 years old continues to flourish. Interest in and requests for non-drug management of medical problems as well as dissatisfaction with “Western” Medicine by patients have been driving forces in promoting the practice of acupuncture.

The A.M.A.C. has established strong foundations. Its membership continues to flourish. The role of A.M.A.C. in all aspects will continue to expand and new roles will develop.

  • To train more doctors in medical acupuncture to make this modality of treatment more accessible to patients.
  • To introduce certification standards for all doctors who practice acupuncture. In the future all doctors who practice acupuncture will be required to fulfil these requirements if their patients are to be eligible to claim a Medicare rebate.
  • To liaise with international acupuncture groups to ensure education standards are maintained and exchange of information continues to grow.
  • To establish an international examination of basic knowledge of acupuncture recognised by all members of the Pan Pacific group.
  • To continue to provide external examiners to international medical acupuncture groups. Commenced 1994.
  • To continue to provide expert information to bodies and individuals wishing to know more about acupuncture.
  • To educate consumer groups regarding the role of acupuncture in medicine.
  • To assist and promote courses for medical practitioners at tertiary institutions Medico-Politically
  • To assist and support members gaining greater recognition of acupuncture as a mainstream modality of treatment.
  • To assist in the development of “best practice” standards for acupuncture.
  • To assist in examining “health outcomes” of patients treated by acupuncture.
  • To assist in redefining and extending item numbers relevant to acupuncture practice in order to recognise the high level of skill and knowledge required for “best practice”. This should include differential rebates for different levels of training.
  • To extend research funds and establish contacts with tertiary institutions to encourage and assist members in acupuncture research at this level.

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